Wednesday, 23 April 2008

tired curls and torn PJs

got alot to do tonight including package ebay items i managed to sell and tidy my room so i was pleasently surprised when i took my hair down earlier to find my hair had kinked in an unusual but kind of nice way. excuse the lack of make up and tired look, i dont sleep much these days lol.
oh and the fringe!my hair dresser actually chopped it all off and i lost my lovely bangs i used to hide behind, now i have to wait for them to grow back.

the pj bottoms im wearing are my favourite in the whole world, they were my mums from the early 80's and are so silky, light and soft, and best of all pretty enough to wear around the house. unfortunetly they're completely wreaked and ripped to shreads at the bottom and to my housemates' horror i still insist in wearing them lol. im so picky about pj's i fear i will never find another pair like them :(


insertnamehear said...

you look adorable. I miss you xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've tagged you on my blog!