Wednesday, 9 April 2008

tuesday: last day in london until the summer :(

yesterday was sad because i was heading back to Stoke later that night and also it would be my last visit until i moved down for the summer at the end of may, getting the train from town to Robin's in Chislehurt with the sun starting setting over London was sad because i just wanted to head to the pub and sit in the evening sun.

eariler in the day i heading back into Oxford street to return some items i bought yesterday because i was feeling guilty about buying so much yesterday, so i returned the green satin pumps to H&M keeping the black ones at least. Then decided to return the silk skirt i purchased in Topshop yesterday as for some reason it just didnt look as well on as it did on the hanger.

(pumps - H&M, ankle socks - topshop)

i exchanged the skirt for something i needed much more; flat shoes!i absolutely adored the woven lace up style brogues and decided to get them in the 'off white' color which turned out to be lucky since it was the last in my size,yay!

(lace up brogues - topshop, ankle socks - topshop)

and another pair of those lace ankle socks in another color since they'll go with so much. also managed to get my size in the gorgeous frilly set which just immediately just puts you in the mood for summer ^_^and last but not least a lil treat for myself, a diary/organiser thats actually small enough to fit in my handbag and yet still really pretty!which is brillient as im constantly having to tell people 'sorry i'll check my diary when i get home'

thats three more things crossed off my list!


Cellar Door said...

So you returned some stuff and bought a load more! You sound like my kinda girl!

poppy lee said...

i'm planning on getting those woven shoes in the turquoise colour after work today. really scared they're not going to be there any more!

enjoying your blog by the way. just found it.

Anonymous said...