Saturday, 26 April 2008

what luck

didnt have so much at the start of the day when i slept through 3 alarms to be woken by a call from my manager wondering where the hell i was,opps!
i think the lack of sleep has finally hit me.

today was jam packed being the first saturday of the sales and the day after pay day, there were horrible queues all day.but i had a lucky moment when a girl wearing the most gorgeous skirt teamed with a plain white tee and black blazer came in. i knew i'd seen the skirt somewhere and couldn't resisit asking her where it was from. now this is where the luck plays a part;
- she informed me it was infact from Topshop
- not only that but she had another same one in her bag which she needed a refund for (she had origionally bought the wrong size)
- and best of all it was in my size!!(well a size smaller - which she actually recommended to wear high waisted)
- what luck!it was meant to be :)snake print skirt - Topshop £40

i then with a very happy grin on my face, went over to the tills to inform everyone that the refunded item when put through would be mine :) thank goodness i did as EVERYONE wanted it when it went through lol
ah its its a beautiful skirt ^_^

i never got the girls name, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU


Victoria-Olivia said...

Thats so lucky!! Also the skirt looks fab.

lula said...

how very lucky of you, it's great when things turn out like that.

also the boots in the post below are gorgeous!