Monday, 26 May 2008

bank holiday monday

today i've been enjoying a quiet lazy day watching Pixar Movies curled up on the sofa while the weather outside is horrid. there's nothing like a bit of Toy Story or Bugs Life to cheer you up! however i am bored out of my wits, my housemate has been away all weekend and the boyfriend is down in London so i am bored with a capital B!
however i do have something to look forward to!my house/bestmate Raj's sister is getting married in September and i have been invited :) it will be my best ever Asian wedding and Raj and her mum have even picked me out a choice of sari's to wear :D i am so excited!i will definitely post some pictures when i get to try them on

today i kept it casual;

(tee - Topshop, bodycon skirt - Topshop, tights- New Look, necklace - Topshop, watch - Urban Outfitters)

what im craving;

i really cant wait until im paid on friday!


Rachie-Pie said...

HI 5! is that a casio watch I spot? lol UO was so overpriced you should of got it off amazon I got it for £20! and Toy story rocks! Number 3 is in production! I was told when I done work experience with Disney!

ray said...

you really suit bodycon outfit x