Monday, 5 May 2008

dancing on the ceiling

i am happy happy happy right now!
i have just managed to buy tickets to see the Kills in June in Oxford and even better These New Puritans are supporting!!!yay :D
i managed to get the tickets on a total fluke when looking up tickets for TNPS this summer when i saw they were supporting the Kills and a gig which was due to take place in April was rescheduled to take place in June!
the boyfriend and me plan to make a day of it, maybe see a bit of Oxford and stay the night in a B&B.

oh how i love the Kills :)
this is their Nylon interview,Alison looks awesome as usual!

some pictures of allison;

Discotheque Confusion writes about her style here.
i cant wait for my fringe to grow long again :( silly hairdresser didnt listen to me when i said 'leave the fringe alone!'

oh and how brilliant is 'Elvis' by TNPS???i'm completely addicted to this song at the moment, i cant wait to hear them live

i apologize for the shortness of these last few posts, they will be back to normal on thursday after my last Psychology exam, horray!
for now, its back to my report on the morality and ethics behind chicken farming and pheasent hunting....


poppy lee said...

love these new puritans. have been obsessed with elvis for ages too.

have seen them live a couple of times and they're REALLY good.

insertnamehear said...


Miss Woo said...

Good luck on your exam! So lucky you're seeing both These New Puritans and the Kills at the same time.

ps: your glasses post have very much inspired my post for today! ;)

kirsty said...

ah the kills are amazing, i saw them last month and you will not be disappointed. alison is amazing live too, i think everyone in the room wanted to be her when i saw them.

discothequechic said...

oh, thanks for the mention, E.
the kills are bloody marvelous live. alison and jamie just kind of lose themselves in this intense moment on stage whilst managing not to leave everyone feeling like a mass third wheel.

you should have fun!

Kelly said...

love your blog..and the kills! check out my blog, there are a few pics and vids from their show in philadelphia a few weeks ago! <3