Friday, 9 May 2008

a day in the sun

yesterday was another perfect day of lying about in the sun and having to do nothing!
Topshop did ring me looking for me to come in but i kindly made my excuses and said no, i really needed a day to wind down and the large volumes of alcohol consumed from the night before was not exactly making me the most alert person out there.

so instead, Raj, my boyfriend and i, headed to the park to bask in the sun while its still there. i forgot to take a picture of my outfit but was wearing my 'love your bones' oversized tee, vintage denium skirt and my stappy sandals from Topshop last year, that i found under my bed still covered in muck from all those farmer BBQs back in Ireland.

some pictures from the day;

after leaving Robin at the station to head back to London, my friends and i decided to hit the cinema and see a cheesy movie. we decided to check out 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' and surprisingly it was actually really funny!Russel Brand was hilarious in it, he wasnt really acting though, rather just playing himself. if you liked 'Knocked Up', then you'll like this!

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Miss Woo said...

I know! How awesome are the weather recently, though sadly today is a little grey again where I am. Love the pix of your dress in the previous post, ideal summer outfit..