Friday, 30 May 2008


today was not the best day, im just glad its nearly over!work was horrid due to under staffing and it being pay day so it was packed. i did however manage to pick up some boob tubes from Primark to wear as a skirt so im very pleased with that, i shall post some pictures when there is better light tomorrow :)

i also managed to pick up my three items of uniform for work finally, unfortunately i couldn't get the beaded Kate Moss top as they had none left :( so i shall hopefully manage to get one while im down in London.
for uniform i picked out the new floral playsuit, high waisted denim shorts and a sheer t-shirt by Boutique;

(all from Topshop)

i shall post pictures of my uniform tomorrow :)

p.s. no sign of a crew neck jumper in Primark :( so i shall have a little nosey in the charity shops tomorrow!


Casey said...

that playsuit looks cute! can't wait to see it!

michelle said...

Wow lucky you! :D