Friday, 23 May 2008

a horrid horrid day

i didnt get to make a post yesterday due to moping around the house then my mates dragging me out to see the new Indiana Jones movie. the reason i was moping around the house?
a crappy day at work.
i'd been called in early due to them being under-staffed and ended up stuck in the changing room for 3 hours on my own with no one on clear rail (taking the clothes back onto the floor). so while i was getting stressed the only thought that was keeping me sane was the idea i would be purchasing that Kate Moss sequin top i picked out the day before.
then that bubble was burst!my manager told me i could not have it as apparently it was 'impractical'???hmmmm.... yet she lets people pick platform heels on uniform and that seems ok??
i was not happy, im actually heart broken over the the fact i shall not own this amazing top now :(
i had completely fallen in love with it to the point i saw myself keeping it for years and years to even pass down like my mum has done with so many of my clothes *sigh*

now i must pass that top everyday now and pretend i really do not like it, the fun!

anyways, my outfit for yesterday;(dress, tights, and heels - Topshop)

i love this dress by fairtrade,its the perfect shape and colour to wear dressed down and up. i 'bought' it the other day when i discovered my cropped man trousers had loose seems, so i exchanged them for the dress and a plain version of my 'love my bones' tee. i miss those trousers already!
oversized tee £12, Topshop


Lisa ^__^~~~* said...

Sorry you had a bad day at work :( Don't let it get you down, it happens to everyone! I love you blog, very cute!

gem fatale said...

You poor sausage! I think you should just buy it. Get someone to lend you the money or something! In my experience.. If you really want something to the extent that you daydream about it in times of trouble, you will always regret if you don't get it!
Get it!!

Miss Woo said...

Bah, whoever say sequins are not "practical" is a silly woman indeed, I'll wear sequins everyday if I have enough in my wardrobe!