Monday, 19 May 2008

its inspiring being poor!

its funny how when your skint the days seem to slow right down, i seem to be counting down the days until i get paid! however my lovely boyfriend treated me to a trip to the cinema and for dinner a yummy chip buttie.
outfit for the day;

(top and shorts - Topshop, jacket - vintage)
note the lovely tulips my boyfriend bought me :)

while flicking through facehunter, i came across this amazing outfit. i love everything about her including her cute pixie hair.
my favourite thing about this outfit definitely is the tee. i love the plain black print of it and the bold cat's eyes staring out of the t-shirt. i have been looking for a vintage t-shirt with a cat on it for a while now but have failed to come up with anything. all this inspired me to doodle my own version now using my faithful laundry pen and some plain tee's. i started the design earlier in the day and its taken me several hours to get this far, like colouring in a giant 'colour by numbers' picture.
just after this my pen ran out, I'll have to buy a new one tomorrow, i admit it doesn't look much now but I'm hoping once i finish colouring it in and slash the neck open it'll look half decent.

oh well onto tomorrow then!


Anna Pope said...

Oh wow, I love your outfit, especially that tee and the blazer. You look so nice!

That cat tee looks very nice, I hope you'll be posting pictures when it's finished :)

(Liked you, btw!)

Rice and Beans Vintage Clothing said...

Love the t-shirt, I want one!

Anonymous said...

where did you get the tee in your outfit photo? tis beautiful!

the tea drinking english rose said...

your outfit looks wicked!
plus i love your interpretation of the girls tee!
i love drawing on t shirts also.

aw..tulips from the friendboy! cute!

my boyfriend is visiting me this weekend!

Miss Woo said...

OMG I LOVE the T shirt, it is the cuteness. Really like how you wear that blazer too, you look so cool and nonchalant!

Anonymous said...

That's such a great idea! Now where to find a fabric marker..

ambika said...

Love the tee you're wearing and the DIY project. Too cool.

kirsty lee said...

your t-shirts are amazing. i'm always in awe.