Saturday, 10 May 2008

the many personalities of the 'geek' glasses

the geek glasses from Urban Outfitters and mentained by miss woo arrived today :)
which makes up for a crap day at work which involved half of my lunch break in Primark queues trying to get a refund that i didnt manage to get in the end,grrrr.

so i treated myself to a hat as well :) it was a fiver in the Topshop sale,yay!
still havn't got round to choosing uniform for work, kinda hoping something 'wow' comes in store *fingers crossed*
the good thing is though, i got signed off standard level so i can now work towards advanced (plus i get a bonus hooray!) aaaaannnnd, my first choice for transfer in London this summer contacted me about hours so hopefully this time next month i will be working in the Bromley branch of Topshop

so i suppose its not all bad!

wore my new vintage print dress from topshop with my vintage brogues for work today, something simple yet pretty;
and so here it is..... the many personalities of the geek glasses and shamefully i enjoyed the posing;

i can quickly see these becoming a favourite of the summer!


AlicePleasance said...

I bought a pair of geek glasses too and I really like them. They look great on you :-)

Immpuls said...

I love the geek glasses!

runway today said...

that topshop dress looks really cute on you!