Tuesday, 20 May 2008

new stock in store...

just checking Topshop online this morning im excited to see many new items in!i may be poor at the moment but i still have 3 items of uniform to pick,yay!
some possibilities;

(all from Topshop)

off to town now to see what uniform i can pick out, check out the launch of Kate Moss' new collection, and get another t-shirt pen to continue my cat tee.


Ragamala said...

I'm really disappointed that there aren't Topshops in the US.

kirsty lee said...

i have that tunic dress in black. i've been hoping for ages and ages that they'd bring out lighter colours for summer.

still haven't decided if i'm going to get it though. i'm tryign to wean myself off this terrible topshop addiction.

Anonymous said...

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