Wednesday, 14 May 2008

sensible purchases

unfortunately i didn't get a chance to doodle more tees yesterday, due to being called into work for a couple of hours. this wasn't necessarily a bad thing though as it gave me a chance to see what new stock had come in store. i decided to be sensible however and stick to a vest;

it is long enough for me to wear as a little sun dress and comes in 3 colors so i may invest in more.
also bought a little pair of plastic gladiator sandals to do until i can can find a nice leather pair (i am so fussy when it comes to shoes!)

i've just realised this is now my third pair of plastic shoes, i own a pair of pumps from Topshop, those wedged heels from Urban Outfitters and now these sandals, i worry it may become an addiction!though as long as i don't branch out into bright neon colours i shan't worry!

last night i also went on a date to the cinema with Robin to see Iron Man (which i might add was really good!)
my outfit;

(top,skirt, gladiator sandals - Topshop, sunglasses - Ray Ban, bag - Beyond the Valley)

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poppy lee said...

LOVE this outfit. i'm so jealous that you have real raybans. i just have the cheapo topshop copies. obviously.