Thursday, 8 May 2008

the summer can now begin

yesterday i had my final exam of this year and it didnt go as well as i'd hoped, but i think i was past the point of caring!
its all over, yippe!i can have early nights again, watch day time tv and finally enjoy this sun :)
i had an amazing day, my friends took me to a pub by the canals, i wore a skirt with no tights (shock horror!) and then went shopping. and then the best thing happened...came home; found my dress had arrived in the post along with my boyfriend who had been in cohoots with my housemate and arrived up from london for a surprise :)

we decided to celebrate the end of the year with a cheesy night out at uni and it was an awesome night;(dress and shoes - topshop, over the knee tights - new look)

my lovely boyfriend

my 'twin' in life miss Raj

awesome Daz and his pirate eye

and the summer can now begin :)

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ray said...

oooh i love your outfit