Tuesday, 13 May 2008

sun and tee's

what i wore yesterday;
(top - urban outfitters, skirt - american apparel, glasses - urban outfitters)

(yay!my Ray Bans arrived in the post today!)

happy happy happy. my boyfriend came up to join me in Stoke for a week :) he even thought to bring a large empty suitcase so i could fill it with clothes that he could take down to London for me (ahead of my move down there this month) thoughtful or what?!

today is another brilliant sunny day and thus will once again be spent lying about the park and catching up on my Nylon issues and some novels i bought but never got round to reading. if there's one thing i miss about not being at uni, its reading!!i was a proper lil book worm back in the day, but now any book i read involves depressed modern German philosophers or the slightly 'not all there' ancient Greek guys.fun!

what i will be doing today however, will be making more tee's. i've caught the 'bug' and dreamt up several ideas (including a geek squirrel, an idea mentioned by Poppy!), so its off to Primark for some cheap t-shirts and Wilko's for some spray paint!


Rice and Beans Vintage Clothing said...

Love the black and white. Clean

poppy lee said...

yes! a geek squirrel, amazing. can't wait to see it.

i might have to commission you to do a t-shirt for me sometime soon.

Tavi said...

Neat shirt (yeah, I said neat)! Love it with the geek glasses.

Tavi said...

Also,,, I've kind of stopped reading too. I used to be a dog-earing, Reading Olympics champ (yes, I actually competed in the school district's reading olympics competition) but lately I guess I've just found less time. And somehow less of a want to just sit and read. I need to find some more good books.

runway today said...

i envy you for your fabulous tee! I want it!