Saturday, 24 May 2008

things are looking up

Friday's outfit;

(top - Boutique by Topshop, skirt - Topshop, vest - Primark)

Friday ended up a good day,i managed to pick out one item for uniform finally, in the form of another bodycon skirt;i figure since im wearing my grey one nearly every day i needed to invest in another one, and it worked out at only £7 with my discount so i could just about afford it.

later that night we headed out for Yasmin's birthday which was an excellent night as i only spent a tenner and still had a fun time even though i was quite sober. wore my vintage print Topshop dress and frill heels (no pics as silly me forgot to charge my camera)
a note to Yasmin who now makes an awesome blond, she really looked well last night!

today i decided to wear my 'cat' top to work for the first time, i cant wait to do more of these, thank you for all your nice comments as well ^_^(top and skirt - Topshop, shoes - vintage)

oh and thank you Gem and Miss Woo i am hopefully going to go ahead and get that Kate Moss top!i just know i will not regret it, so hopefully depending on how much im paid this Friday i am going to buy it!and im going to wear it everyday just to show my manager beaded tops CAN be casual and practical, haha!

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Miss Woo said...

Yes DO IT! you should shimmy in your top in front of her all the time ;) and god I do love that cat T..