Tuesday, 3 June 2008

getting things done

outfit for the day;
(shorts - Topshop, tee - own design, jacket - vintage, Brogues, vintage)

today was spent mostly in Bromley sorting things out at the Topshop branch im transferring to, thankfully the manager was delayed and thus gave me a chance to do a bit of browsing. the store itself is like 3 times the size of the Hanley branch i've been working in and so had much more stock and a better selection of labels such as Rare, Lipsy and Nics. whether this fares better for my purse or not remains to be seen!

anyways, i managed to pick up a nice jersey top in the sale (with a pocket on it - i've been obsessing with pocket jerseys since coming across Alexander Wang's jersey tops) and a random deep V top/dress which if im honest im not that fussed about and so shall probably return the next chance i get.

on the way home (strange to think its Chislehurst from now til Sept.) with sausage rolls in tow for lunch (yum yum), the boyfriend and i dropped into one of Chislehurst's charity shops, where i found these awesome geek style sunglasses from the 1970's for £1.50!
also wanted to purchase the new German issue of Vogue simply for its brilliant cover and sleek layout, though my German is really rubbish these days and i doubt my mother would be pleased if i asked her to translate the whole magazine for me. at £6.60 it was simply too much to look at 'pretty pictures' but doesnt Claudia Schiffer look amazing?!

excited as the Danielle Scrutt collection has finally hit Topshop, im going to definitely get the tiger bodysuit at £28. just hoping my friend Jan from back in Ireland wants to meet up in London tomorrow to give me the excuse to pop in and get it!
my lovely boyfriend;


lula said...

the topshop in bromley is probably my favourite - always seems to be a good range of stock and the store seems well set out and not too cluttered.

love the t shirt too

zoecooke said...

the vintagey/boutique bit in that topshop is amazing, and it's opposite quite possibly the biggest primark in the world.

Quick question, what's that website where you can put looks together and link to where they're sold?


Miss Woo said...

the Luella mask on the cover of German Vogue is amazing!

and btw, I tagged you :)

kirsty lee said...

love those sunglasses!

i need to find some out of the way charity shops for super cheapness. do you think chislehurst is a good call??

elisabeth mccoubrie said...

zoecooke - im not sure what website that is??eek!sorry

zoecooke said...

it's ok, i remembered - polyvore by the way!