Friday, 27 June 2008

hooray i got paid!

i finally got paid and treated myself to a visit to the shops today. its funny but this is the first time time im completely not interested in the sales, its quite strange!

i picked up a cropped tee from American Apparel and a Lomography camera for a lovely £12.99 from Urban Outfitters - yay!
an outfit;
(cropped tee - AA, skirt - gina tricot, boots - Doc Martens)

i got this amazing stretch skirt from a lovely gal Angelina who was selling it on Alma H Second Hand - a second hand site i highly recommend!
I'm completely in lovely with this skirt - its so much better than the flimsy AA pencil skirts and Angelina was so nice to deal with :)

for once i am not going mad and spending ALL my wages in one go.

well we'll see how it lasts!!


fickle_one said...

Argh! you bought a lomography camera! I was going on about these the other day, I really want a holga but sadly they aren't on sale in Urban Outfitters. So unfair...

Miss Woo said...

Haha its alway difficult to hold on to money when I get paid too, esp as there's so many temptations around:)

and love those boots with the outfit.

Anna Pope said...

That skirt is lovely!