Friday, 20 June 2008

an icky friday

today was like the title suggests 'icky', it wasn't particularly horrid, just not fantastic either. work was stressful and boring and for some reason they seem to think its ok to stick me in the changing rooms for 4 hours EVERY shift, not fun :(

then on the way home i found a gorgeous sheer top in Chislehurt's charity shops which made me smile until i developed what i call a 'weather headache' - one of those headaches you get when the air is very warm but it looks like its going to rain any moment
or is this just me?

anyways today's outfit was;(top -, leggings and lace up pumps - Topshop)

im so pleased with this top, i just love the colours in it and the size is perfect to wear with leggings - i love the zip detail on them, i might add they are actually my first ever pair!(i know, its strange)

the top i got in the charity shop;(top - chariety shop, shorts* - Topshop)

it cost £1.80 and its a lovely off white colour in a sheer floaty material, i cant wait to experiment with it!

excuse the tired look as well, i tried to sleep the headache off which failed so my boyfriend is going to cheer me up with some pasta now,yum yum :)
oh and my boots sold on eBay which now means i can go ahead and get my Doc Martens, hooray!!

*Miss Woo i insist you get these shorts!they're so comfty and lovely :D

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ill informed said...

i like your blog. great outfits
linking you :)