Friday, 13 June 2008

the most beautiful playsuit ever?

through elin and immpuls i came across this vintage playsuit selling on
i think im in love
its the most beautiful little playsuit i have come across to date, i adore the loose shape of it and the delicate design on the material
unfortunately the seller does not sell outside the 'nordic region' so there is very little hope of me ever getting it :(

on another sad note, i am also having to sell my gorgeous vintage boots i bought off ebay a while back
(selling them here)

they're slightly too small and rubbed my toes - im admitting defeat and that i will never been a size 5 bang on, but doomed to be a 5.5ish for always. i think they should go to a better home and someone who is more a size 4.5/5
still im sad to see them go


ray said...

wow the playsuit is gorgousxx

michelle said...

The playsuit is love!! And I'm sorry about the boots, they do look very darling.

Luxe. said...

The playsuit is amazing!

kirsty lee said...

shame about the boots! gutted for you.

i'm quite tempted to buy them off you actually, although i'm already bidding on some DMs and considering my complete lack of funds, buying 2 pairs of black boots in a week would be ridiculous. especially as it's june.

got them in my watch list though just in case...