Friday, 6 June 2008

poor already

on my way into London today i discovered i am already poor after having to pay off my staff card at Topshop,darn it.
i had planned to go exploring today and see if i could finally find Beyond Retro (its strange to think that I've in the 2 years of traveling to London,I've never been!) and meet up with a friend, but those plans are out the window! and since Bromley Topshop have said 'they'll ring me when they need me' which leaves me not working at the moment, I'm beginning to think i may have to transfer back up to stoke for the summer,eek!

I'm going to try and cheer myself up now with a bit of Futurama and some grapes.

my outfit for the day;

(floral cardigan - vintage, vest - Boutique, skirt - Topshop, belt - Urban Outfitters, lace up shoes - Topshop)*

*note: I'm now able to use the boyfriend's camera, hooray!


Miss Woo said...

Futurama always cheers me up when I'm a bit down too, and love those shoes in the previous post! :D

Anna Pope said...

I am quite in love with your skirt.

Hope it all turns out for the better soon!