Friday, 6 June 2008

tagged...the ultimate wish list

now that i will not be spending the day trawling the rails of Beyond Retro, i shall now complete the challenge thankfully given by Miss Woo :)

The rules are:

1. Choose runway pictures from ANY season you like and choose 3 outfits for Day, Evening & Party.
2. Briefly explain why and state the name of the designer & which season the outfit is from.
3. Tag 3 other bloggers once you are done and let them know by posting a comment on their blog

a mixture of sheer over sized tee's and blazers in neutral colours i have definitely been inspired by the summer, hence the lack of tights!i love how simple yet effective the Stella McCartney outfit looks and i love how boyish yet feminine Alexander Wang's collection is;

another mixture of sheer materials injected with a bit of detail in Viktor & Rolf's jeweled neckline and the colour injected in to the Chloe dress or Phillip Lim skirt. I can imagine wearing these out to dinner or gallery events;

not brave enough to go too over the top with the party wear i'd choose to go with either simple shapes with lots of glitz like the Phillip Lim dress or go with exaggerated shapes like the Burberry or Lavin dress in bold solid colours with belts to clinch in the waist. teamed with either ankle boots to give an edge or some strapped Gucci black heels and im ready to go!

that was fun :D if i could own all these items in my wardrobe i'd be a very happy person!

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Miss Woo said...

Yay for Alexander Wang! I'm determine to recreate his look on the cheap for the Summer..