Saturday, 14 June 2008

there's wolves about

yay!my t-shirt i ordered from the eBay store This is a Ghost Town two weeks ago arrived!just in time for the Kills gig tomorrow.
it's even more pretty then in the picture,as a child i was fascinated by wolves, they were the only animal that i both loved and feared, and it seems this love of the wolf is bubbling up again when last night i checked out the new Rokit store online. I love this store and finding little treasures such as blouses and skinny belts, and while on the site i came across this amazing oversized tee featuring wolves for £25
i just couldn't resist it, i figure it will go well with some leggings and my Doc Martens - whenever i get them!

im getting very excited now, the boyfriend and me are traveling up to Oxford tomorrow to see the Kills and These New Puritans. We're staying the night in a little B&B and so it should give us a chance to explore Oxford, im quite excited to see what they're shops are like (although i shall not be spending too much). I'm hoping they have some nice vintage stores or charity shops


DaisyChain said...

I love that shirt!
*goes to scour ebay*

Laura xx

michelle said...

What cutie you are! :3 I'm jealous that you're going to see the kills!

Miss Woo said...

cuteness! And you're so lucky to see the Kills and These New Puritans :D

ps: Thanks for the tag btw, I'm sorry I totally forgot until I check the post just now!