Sunday, 29 June 2008

things to come...

i know many other bloggers have already posted about the upcoming collection in Topshop, but i cant help but go on and on to people about it. there's SO much i love about these looks.and the darker and darker the current trend 'Modern Romance' gets - the more excited i get.i must have those inky blue jeans and amazing lace up boots!

In work today we looked at how the trends Jet Set and Colour Clash will be dispersed into the other trends until they are completely gone, its sad though i had really come to love Colour Clash, i am however sick of anything to do with sailors, stars or stripes!

one thing i am hoping comes in store is this floral bust at £35, my size has already sold out on the website, im also tempted by the similar version by Forever21 but i realise the postage will be 3 times the cost of the top probably.

Another exciting note is the upcoming sale in Topshop. im not sure if the deal was to hype it up by making it the last sale in the high street but the waiting has worked!everyone is getting very anxious and pleads with us to tell them when it is
unfortunately we have to play 'dumb' and pretend we don't know....

well, its this week.....but i can say no more ;)

something im really excited about are the shoes to go into the sale, i can reveal both these little gems will be going into the sale, hooray!

i fear i may be purchasing both these shoes when i really don't need them but MUST have them because they're in the sale,oh dear.


selinaoolala said...

it's so great to have bloggers who work in topshop, thanks for the info! i'll be stalking the website this week, i always miss out on the first bargains in my size. also i'm lusting after the ts new stuff, i always say that i could buy anything from the store and wear it all the time

Wendy said...

I want that floral corset from Forever 21 since it seems like it'll be easy to wear during the day seeing as its got this innocent floral pattern.

FashionSqueah! said...

I quite agree with you on the stars/stripes/sailors front! I don't need anything else with anchors on it thank you british high street! Thanks for the Topshop sale info though i doubt I'll be getting anything since I just primark-ed my card into next month...sigh! Char x

Paris Tarts said...

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