Friday, 27 June 2008

thursday: what luck!

today seemed so long but marvelous.
the boyfriend and i took my friends into Camden to browse the stalls and around Covent Gardens before heading over to the BBC studios to be in the audience of 8 Out of Ten Cats - which i might add was fantastic!i've never laughed so much for 3 hours!

Camden broke my heart as there was so many beautiful vintage stalls yet i was so broke. I found a beautiful alligator clutch with a small gold alligator on it for £20, a 1960's rocking chair for £100 (eek!) and so many other things that made me want to cry because i could not own them.

I did however end up quite lucky when i managed to pick up a pair of swede brogues for £1.50 in the Chislehurst charity shopthey're a perfect fit and i cant wait to wear them with some skinny blue jeans

my boyfriend bought me a little Hello Kitty keyring which i love, and i picked up these Nerds in CyberCandy near Covent Gardens
i think fate took pity on my poorness when walking through Camden we came across a pile of books left on a street corner for people to pick up for free. in amongst all these i found an edition from the late 80's of my favourite classic 'The Great Gastby' :Dit has a beautiful cover. i cant believe my luck coming across it - it made my day


rokit london said...

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Great brogues and love ‘the dress’ – and the fact that you’re not afraid to make it your own, altering it to your personal tastes. Thinking ‘make do and mend’ and money being ‘too tight too mention’ and all that, Wednesday night I found myself cornered by a stitch 'n' bitch group in the Royal Festival Hall (RFH) – they weren't angry or anything, just enthusiastic. Mesmerized by their colourful creations - including what looked like a bee's leg warmers and a mint green balaclava, I got thinking about creating the fantasy wardrobe. If there's one thing guaranteed to put an end to sartorial aspirations it has to be the sound of the credit crunch snap snap snapping at your heels – it's a real bitch. So yeah, you have an imagination to die for, one minute you're keeping the company of wolves, the next you're looking pretty as a picture in your Laura Ashley prints, but if you're strapped for cash and time's not on your side... then it makes sense to let those in the know do it for you. At rokit’s new website - you gave us a mention a few blogs ago, and we were reading... - we have an Aladdin's cave of treasures: I mean we've sourced it, prepared it and laid it out for you, and with a click or two of your mouse we'll send it straight to you. Vintage finds at your fingertips. So pay us another visit and be sure to mention our special promotional code RK2568 for all you vintage enthusiasts out there – giving you a cool 15% off your purchase! Hey, remember that playsuit you were cooing over a few blogs ago, well, what about this! I mean considering that Stella McCartney's floral playsuit is oooh, at least 10 times the price in the sale, even, this really is a snip! So in the words of one hit wonder Alisha's Attic, let’s take a rokit ship outta here ...with your imagination and our website the sky really is the limit...

paige olivia said...

i love your blog,
its one of my daily reads
keep up the good work!
im veryyy new to blogging and would love the link but dont know how.