Thursday, 5 June 2008

yesterday's little purchases

even though i could have just went mad and spent spent spent, i decided to be on my best behaviour and keep it simple.
was heart broken to find out i couldn't get the Danielle Scutt bodysuit i wanted, if only i hadn't 'himmmed and haaaaad' over the delivery costs of postage on the Topshop sight!

i did however manage to pick up a cute pair of lace up shoes for £28;

and a gorgeous soft jersey illustrated jumper by Illustrated People for £27, i think i shall be able to dress it up and down;another little cloth bag from Beyond the Valley since i used my last one everyday for work and lugging books to and from the library, its a little worn now. managed to get this cloth bag for £7 in the sale;also picked up a ruched tube bra from American Apparel to wear under my vests from Boutique to solve the sheer 'problem' of the vests;my favourite buy of the day definitely had to be from Black Pearl; a little vintage boutique in Kingly Court. I purchased a cute little charm necklace which i got to pick specifically and made up on the spot by the owner Fiona, i don't know why but i just fell in love with the tiger charm and had to ask for it;all in all, a good day for shopping!


ray said...

very cool the shoesx

the tea drinking english rose said...

i love love the jumper! definitely can be dressed up and down!!

Sam said...

I Just love you sense of style and fashion. The vintage jewelry is truely a great find, I am always out looking for more vintage pieces.

Anna Pope said...

Very nice buys. My favorite things are probably the shoes and the cloth bag, too cute!