Sunday, 1 June 2008

yesterday's outfits

didn't get a chance to post these pics yesterday, so here they are;

(skirt/boob tubes - Primark, top - Boutique by Topshop)

this is the two boob tubes (from Primark) worn as a skirt as suggested by Leopard Print & Lace.i really like this 'skirt' now, and it saves me the bother of spending loads in American Apparel. i love that shop, but if i can, i try and get similar items for cheaper!

my uniform items;
(playsuit - Topshop)

(sheer tee - Boutique, high waisted shorts - Topshop)

so to my last shift in Hanley (until Sept.) i wore the playsuit;

(playsuit - Topshop, tights - M&S, brogues - Vintage)

i'll be honest, i choose the playsuit as a last resort when i ran out of time for uniform, it really was the only thing i could see within hand's reach that i liked, i think the risk paid off though and i feel ready to face a summer in London now :)

now to start packing for London tomorrow, i cant believe the summer is here already. my lovely boyfriend has popped up to help me pack my things, though i am still dreading making it across London with all my suitcases, mid-day on a Monday, the underground is going to be horrible i just know it!


She's Dressing Up said...

Love the playsuit!! I do the same with Primark boobtubes, they're so cheap its great!!

the tea drinking english rose said...

good rush with the playsuit! definitely worth it.

very summery and girly... good luck with the tube, i know it's awful with massive heavy suitcases... at least you'll have help from the boyfriend though.

Rachie-Pie said...

wow the primark boobtubes look betr on you! I feel very self conscious in it so tight! lol but if you over wear it atlest you will be able to get some moree for £3! cheap!

Katie said...

Very cute. I've just discovered your lovely blog.