Monday, 21 July 2008

black magic

how wonderful are these shots from the latest issue of Dazed and Confused?!i nearly died and went to heaven when i saw the cover of the magazine in the newsagents. unfortunately i cannot afford it until i get paid on Friday,yuck - i bet this week goes really slow!

on other news the boyfriend and i moved out of his little flat in Chislehurst (which was sad) and are currently staying with some friends in a cute little house in Hither Green :)
this week will be a little hectic due to work/packing things for the move back to Stoke/putting belongings in storage/and traveling in and out of London, so i do apologise for any lack of/crappy posts.
for now though i must get dressed for work then go find the train station and co-ordinate my way from Hither Green to Bromley, this should be fun!


paige olivia said...

you blogs ace!
if you have time check out mine?
your linked on mine is that okay?

Rice and Beans Vintage Clothing said...

I love that last shot especially!

Elysia said...

those are gorgeous!

Fashion Addict said...

Those shots are cool and chic, but a little scary at first glance.

Would you like to exchange links?

emily said...

omigosh, those are amazing! i love the second shot.
and i'm making a video post in my blog and i need questions, so if you get a chance, could you possibly leave a question for me? thanks!

Anna Pope said...

I love Natasha Poly and beautiful photographs so this just hits the spot with me. I wish we god D&C here because I would not miss on this number!