Saturday, 26 July 2008

goodbye London and the invasion of ants

yesterday was one hellish day that involved sleeping in, racing into London, doing a quick bit of shopping, heading back to Hither Green, packing quickly, racing back into London to see The Dark Knight (which was amazing!), then running back to Hither Green to grab our many suitcases and race back into London to catch our train to Stoke-on-Trent *phew*

so i thought it was finally over when we arrived back to the house, only to find in the week my housemate hasn't been home, ANTS have taken over the kitchen and bathroom!what followed was a few frantic calls to our parents and me chasing ants with some Flash spray. I'm not afraid of these ants mind you, its just we don't have a problem with ants in Northern Ireland and the last time i saw so many was when as a kid, the ants in Saipan would march out the door with our rice crispies, i still cant eat them without thinking about ants!

so instead of unpacking and showing you my beautiful purchases from yesterday - i must head into town and buy some ant killer products, the joy!

hopefully i will be able to show you the purchases later :)

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