Friday, 4 July 2008

LBD x2

how true the saying, 'when you wait for one bus, two come along at once'

after work today i thought i'd try on some things to see if i could find anything for the dinnerdate my boyfriend's taking me on tomorrow night. i tried on various little skirts and dresses when i came across by complete accident, these two little dresses thrown aside in the accessorises department. quite surprisingly i've never owned a proper LBD and so i was curious. i tried them on, they fitted perfectly,one was cute and girlie, the other more grown-up and sexy, then i had a problem... i couldn't choose between them, i literately stood for 30 minutes in utter confusion.
so i did something quite brave and very unlike me...
i bought them both!

(dress on left by Topshop, dress on right by Boutique)

i feel slightly guilty, but in a good way, like the cat thats got the cream, i cant stop smiling.surely there's no limit on how many little black dresses you can have in your wardrobe?

today's outfit;(silk top - Boutique by Topshop, shorts and belt - Topshop, boots - Doc Martens)


The Exception said...

There is NEVER a limit to the number of LBDs to be held in one closet! They both look gorgeous though! Good find.



emily said...

i love your outfit today and i really like both dresses! <333

ray said...

wow the dresses are gorgous.i would have had to buy them both tooxx

Miss Woo said...

I don't think a girl could ever have too many dresses, plus LBD counts as "practical" clothing for me, so good purchases all round ;)

Immpuls said...

I love your outfit! It's great, as always.

fickle_one said...

Both these dresses are stunning, I'm not surprised you found it hard to choose between the two.