Tuesday, 29 July 2008

a little bit of lace

(lace jacket - Topshop, sonic youth tee - Urban Outfitters, skirt - American Apparel, vintage belt - Rokit)

i couldn't help it - i think I'm starting to sink into an addiction of lace. i kept looking at this little lace jacket on Topshop's website and hoping I'd spot it in store. but when i couldn't see it even in the Oxford Street branch i decided the pay the little bit extra for delivery costs and go ahead and order it online, plus there was only 2 sizes left so that basically made my mind up!

the jacket is so pretty and delicate, i can see it going with everything - i just fear that lace will take over my whole wardrobe now, oh eek!


ray said...

ive been eyeing that beauty up too.looks gorgousxx

Nita-Karoliina said...

that outfit is gorgeous, love that lace!!
wNN change links?? just comment me so i know

StrikeMatch said...

It's so sweet and yet a tiny bit tough too because it's black. Jealous.