Sunday, 6 July 2008

a little something for the weekend

again i have spent the last 2 days working my butt off at Topshop with the first weekend of the sales. to keep my sanity the boyfriend took me into London yesterday and later for a date out at a restaurant. i bought my last little treats of the month before i am skint again, that is until the end of the month when pay day comes round again. the items i bought myself;

finally about 6 months after all the Alexa Chung lovers bought out the American Apparel store with these skirts, i purchased the pocket skirt and wow i think im in love with it!i want to wear it everyday!and the belt i got for £6 pound in Rokit, it goes perfectly with the skirt dont you think?also picked up Dear Diary by Lesley Arfin in American Apparel which looks like a good read and even has a foreword by Chloe Sevigny, i'll let you know how it goes
and the bag?its my dream bag, i spotted it a few weeks ago in a little vintage store in Camden and i couldn't afford it,i was so sad. i even had a dream about it!so it was a miracle when i dropped in yesterday and it was hidden under a pile of clothing!i was so happy i felt like dancing (i think i did skip down the street)

(sheer t-shirt - Kangol, skirt - AA, belt - Rokit, leather jacket - Freemans, sandals - Topman, vintage bag - Dappa in Camden)

now im going to watch some Futurema and eat some M&S chocolate peanuts (my new obsession) and look forward to a lie in tomorrow,hooray!
hope everyone had a good weekend :)


Hushy said...

that bag seems like a great find!I have the hardest time finding bags that I like.

fickle_one said...

Nice bag! I was so impressed with Camden when I went this weekend. Alas it was near closing time so I'm looking forward to spending a proper whole day exploring there.
Those AA skirts are great, so practical, I have it in the mustard colour but wouldn't mind the grey as well! ;)

Thanks for the comments. Yes Alexa is annoying, but I grudgingly admit shes still stunning...(T^T)

kirsty lee said...

i think i'm the only person who doesn't own one of these skirts... AA skirts are always WAY too short on me. i have an abnormally high waist. i do however have a (loner) hoxton boutique skirt which is very very similar.

good story about finding the bag! i love it when things like that happen.