Thursday, 24 July 2008

oh eek!

i have just looked at my blog and realised my last post was 4 days ago,whoops!where has this week gone? it feels like it has completely flown in, i have been spending the week staying with friends in a pretty little house in Hither Green in London and working all day every day in Bromley Topshop.

while it has been hectic i have enjoyed traveling in and out of Hither Green then going home to spend the evenings listening to music with friends or visiting their friends to drink wine in their gardens until the sun goes down. this is how i imagined my whole summer to be. unfortunately tomorrow it will have to end, as the boyfriend and i move back up to Stoke-on-Trent :(

i will be sad to say goodbye to London, but at the same time i look forward to late august and spending a few weeks at home back in Ireland (i cant wait to walk round my garden barefoot and drink late into the evening with my mother and father out in our garden - i miss that so much)

so tonight i must pack my bags, then get up extremely early to head into London and spend some of my wages :) i cannot wait to get paid tomorrow!i am sad though that tomorrow shall be my last trip into London until later this year. my plans are to visit Carnaby Street, Urban Outfitters, and maybe Soho if i get a chance. oh and i must buy some Polaroid film!

now to get back to reading Epileptic by David B. and listening to Sigur Ros

this song is simply beautiful :)

p.s. - i promise my blog will get back to 'normal' after tomorrow!

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