Friday, 18 July 2008

a quick post before work

i cant believe i haven't posted any outfit pics for nearly a week now. its not because I've been wearing anything too horrid, but due to working all day every day at the moment, and then getting ready to leave our flat in Chislehurst, I'm a little bit drained and its always near dark before i get home.
i will get back to normal soon hopefully!

so these are a few purchases I've made over the last week, nothing too exciting but all things i actually need instead of merely want.

these too pretty bra's i found the other day while having to tidy the underwear sales rack in topshop, both for under a tenner!i love love love the pretty polka dots on the second one and I'm so pleased I've finally managed to get my hands on a sheer leopard print bra,they seem to be my new obsession.this is my favourite find of the week!I'm in desperate need for extra bags for moving due to the sheer volume of clothes i have bought this summer in London (oops!) and couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this in one of Chislehurst's charity shops for the amazing price of £3!!
i sent a picture of it to my mother and now she is offering to buy it from me, if i didn't love it so much i would be tempted!

oh and i have to mention - yesterday while quietly fuming away in the sales racks of Topshop, a girl came up to me and told me she loves my blog and reads it all the time!!this is the first time I've ever been spotted and except for going a bit red in the face i was over the moon.

so if your reading this, the girl who spotted me, thank you for cheering my whole day up and also you have amazing hair, i just didn't get a chance to tell you that :)


Miss Woo said...

the tapestry bag is amazing, such a bargainous find at 3 pounds!

Anna Pope said...

That bag is amazing!