Thursday, 3 July 2008

sales continued....

i meant to make a post last night but was so exhausted, we were working until 10 last night getting all the sale stuff ready for today and boy is there a LOT of stuff!

the sale rails take over most of the floor of the Bromley Topshop, and there is so many good things going into the sale, i could easily pick out over 30 items of clothing i wanted.
instead I'm going to stick to one item, which I'm VERY excited about. its the beaded top by Kate Moss which i wanted so badly about a month ago but my meanie manager wouldn't allow me to have on uniform :( (apparently stilettos are ok to wear to work but beads are inappropriate!). well i actually find myself thanking her, as the top has been reduced from £65 to £30 in the sale!!! i just knew that top and me were meant to be together :)

on more good news i managed to pick up BOTH the grey lace dress and the leopard print silk top i mentioned the other day. I'm so pleased! although i did find myself nearly purchasing a Richard Nicoll blazer reduced to £40, if it hadn't have been a peachy sort of colour and 2 sizes too big (i looked like I'd escaped from the set of Miami Vice), that blazer would have been mine.

yesterdays outfit;(leather jacket - Freemans from years ago, tee - Topshop, skirt - charity shop, belt - vintage, boots - Doc Martens, sunglasses - Ray Ban)

today I'm working the sales again (the joy!) which means me quietly getting annoyed at lazy customers who don't pick things up after dropping them on the floor, and getting stressed out because i will have to tidy the whole sale at the end of the night.
i will however be smiling because i will be wearing my new lace dress :) hooray!


fickle_one said...

I feel your pain working the Topshop sale. I used to work Oxford Circus branch and people are literally like animals. My boyfriend was actually shocked the way women would strip off in the middle of the shop to try something on and then chuck the disregarded item onto the floor for the poor souls who work there to pick up after them.

Anna Pope said...

You look great and I really love your doc martens!

Oh, wow, I just can't imagine actually dropping a piece of clothing on the floor and waiting for someone to pick it up :/

emily said...

yesterday's outfit was so amazing! i want a pair of doc martens!

Sinead said...

I love both of those black dresses! The first is more classic, but the other is sexier.

I also covet that Kate Moss top :(