Sunday, 24 August 2008

back to the glens

well, its not really a 'holiday' but im going home this morning for 2 weeks to see family and friends. im looking forward to being able to walk around barefoot,feeling grass beneath my feet. and of course having a gorgeous beach 5 minutes down the road, it seems i might actually be a country gal at heart!

hopefully i will be able to post when im home, probably not as much though due to my sisters hogging the family computer or my dad hiding the Internet cable because 'Internet rots our brain' but i will update as much as possible!

p.s. - i choose my last 2 items of uniform for work in the form of this lovely cardigan and rather weirdly this jersey jumpsuit - i never saw myself owning a jumpsuit but this one looks awesome with a wide studded belt and gladiator sandals.

well i'll hopefully post soon again!take care everyone :)


Nita-Karoliina said...

well have a wonderfull trip!!!! and try to post if u can but main thing is to try to relax and spend time with ur loved ones :)

Anna Pope said...

Have a great time back home!

That jumpsuit is very hot, I really like it.

Liv/e in Both Senses said...

Enjoy your time in amongst the grass and sandy beaches...

I like the cardi, very cool. Will have to see the outfit to appreciate the jumpsuit though ;)

chlozzard said...

wow, have a great time!
i saw the cardy in topshop today, its very cool :)

SJ said...

I can see that jumpsuit looking amazing on you.

Have a lovely home holiday it sounds beautifully relaxing there.

Fashionably Early said...

have a great time =D
i love your blog, do you mind if i link you on mine please?

Juli said...

have a great time.
home sweet home.