Friday, 1 August 2008

before the weekend

today i managed to get my camera back,phew!so this was yesterday's outfit(top-my own design, leggings-Topshop, docs, sandals-New Look, jacket - Topshop)

and this was what i wore today;(silk top-Boutique, body con skirt-Topshop, jacket - Topshop)

i'm very skint at the moment so anything i purchase either has to be something i NEED or something which is too cheap to leave, no doubt i will be haunting the charity shops quite alot over the next week. in regards to the comments - i have no idea how i find these things in charity shops, i just think it needs patience and a sharp eye and my number one rule is look at everything and its potential - but make sure its either a statement piece or something that will add a little 'something' to your everyday outfits :)

so my purchases according to my budget were small today, some peach and grey frilly knickers from Primark and this gorgeous mesh bodysuit from Topshop,
which was strangely reduced from £18 to £3 even though it's featured on the Topshop AW 08 lookbook and seen here on alma's blog. hmmmm....oh well im not going to complain!


Danielle. Marie. said...

wow love the mesh bodysuit, £3 amazing!!!
Where did you get the t-shirt that you did your own (amazing) design on. i desperately want one!??
also i love your site, i am now addicted to it and jealous that i don't have your wardrobe :D!

Anonymous said...

i do love that mesh bodysuit and that outfit you're wearing in the third picture.

kirsty lee said...

ooh i have an almost identical one from american apparel. how are you going to wear it? i just use mine under sheer tops to add an extra layer, but i was talking to a girl the other day who wears hers out with just a bra. one for those with small boobs i think!

chelsea said...

I'm jealous, bargain envy. I have been wanting to get a one-piece like that for a while (to customize the front enough for modesty, leaving the back sheer)but have been holding out paying £20 at AA out of cheapness.

elisabeth said...

danielle.marie - the t-shirts just a mens tee from Primark and i just doodled on it!

kirstly lee - yeah i think its just going to be used as an extra layer.hmmm i need to try wearing it a few ways and see what i can do