Saturday, 16 August 2008

deja vu

I'm not the best at posting at the moment so i shall apologise (once again) i have an exam this coming Tuesday and I'm working everyday, so i promise after Tuesday i will be better :)
for work today i wore my little sheer vest which i haven't worn in a while and a pretty little frill skirt i got while in London - i miss that place like mad already!
(jersey biker jacket - Topshop, sheer vest - Topshop, frill skirt - Topshop)

i also made a 'little' purchase this morning before work, i really shouldn't have but i simply couldn't walk out of the shop without it ^_^ even though i now have £15 to survive until next Sunday,oops!
I bought for £2.50 this beautiful patterned silk oversized jacket from a charity shop in Hanley, this isn't the best picture quality but i assure you its such a beautiful little item, and all i had to do was cut out the giant 80's shoulder pads!but oh dear i realise i bought something quite similar to this a few weeks ago!
oh well, i may be stupidly poor now but i have 2 lovely jackets at least :)


Katie Rosemary said...

Ah someone else who cannot resist a charity shop steal... for some reason it's completely justifiable at the time if it's only a couple of pounds!

girl on the wing said...

definitely a wise choice getting the blazer - it's lovely! and £2.50? would have been a crime not to get it :)

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

cute jacket for £2.50!!
charity shops are the greatest places on many wonderful finds waiting to be found.

Krissy said...

is that a brocade jacket? for 2.50 its definitely a great buy!

Hushy said...

really like that jersey biker jacket, although i think i have a serious addiction to biker jackets! Lovely outfit :)

Victoria-Olivia said...

Oooh lots of lovely things!
Oh by the way I meant to say I saw the minnie playsuit afew weeks ago, and again at the weekend. Its pink and black right?

F. said...

I like that jacket(totally worth purchasing upon first glance)
&the skirt is equally lovely

Rice and Beans Vintage Clothing said...

I really love the jacket with that blouse!

Hannah said...

I love your jersey biker! I'm tempted to by the wool version they have at Topshop now but it's so expensive.. I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed for it to appear on eBay!

ed said...

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