Friday, 1 August 2008

home alone

silly me i left my camera in work yesterday with my outfits from yesterday on it!so i will have to post them later :)
yesterday was a sad day as i said goodbye to my boyfriend who headed over to see his family in Ireland, having spent the whole summer with him in London, it felt a little strange to be home alone last night.
not for long however!as my best friend/housemate Raj will be back today, then we shall be heading up to Manchester for the weekend for a sort of 'hen do' for her sister, that will consist of cocktails, a visit to the Hilton, then dinner. we all have to wear black and white and anything that sparkles, so hooray i can wear my little black dresses again! which one?(dresses from Topshop and Boutique)

i also came across a great website Peeps yesterday which sells really quirky beautiful dresses and t-shirts;
everything ranges from$10 for the headbands to $70 for the dresses and rompers, and these are a few of my favourites;already i cant wait until my next pay day!i definitely want to order that zipper dress and headband!


SJ said...

Ooo that headband is lush. Looks like they have lots of lovely things on their website.Good find!
Also I'd just like to say I'm quite jealous of all your charity shop finds. I never seem to find anything I like.

K.Line said...

Wear the off the shoulder...