Wednesday, 20 August 2008

hooray for wednesday and lacy underwear

so im back!i had the scariest exam yesterday on psychology but now its over, yay!
it went ok, somehow i wrote over 15 pages, whether any of it made sense is another matter
but now i can relax today,before getting stuck in with my dissertation for my 3rd year at uni.

so as a mini treat to myself and my now frazzled brain i just ordered these :)i have been watching out for these little beauties for a while now so i was really pleased when they appeared online this morning, i just had the trouble of choosing which colours, so um..... i ordered both!
well a girl can never have too much pretty underwear ;)

i plan to wear mine over tee's and tucked into skirts like the very stylish lass's from the vagabond set;


SJ said...

Ooo nice underwear. Wolfords has an amazing lace body at the moment but over 100 quid :(
Hope the exams and dissertation go well. When you've finished everything in ur final year you will have a couple of the best 2 weeks of your life partying! ;)

emily said...

congratulations on finishing the exam! i hate exams. D:

Liv/e in Both Senses said...

Congrats on finishing the exams! And well done on treating yourself to both colours :) I wonder if the 'lingerie' over clothes will catch on in Aus...

elisabeth said...

thank you all ^_^ it feels so good just to not have to revise every minute of the day!lol

yeah i think it will!lol the whole 'lingerie over clothes' has been slowly creeping to the forefront for a while now, im looking forward to trying these little babies out!

kirsty lee said...

ah, i know her!

it's a fantastic look i agree

l c w said...

ohhh i love the black one. and your blog in general xx