Monday, 4 August 2008

leopards and wild horses

i feel slightly sneaky as i've told everyone i am over in the university library doing revision, when really i am not...i'm instead choosing to eat pasties (my first time!) with my friends, sit and do my blog, and organise a camping trip to wales and a gig to see the Kills.
the work can wait for today :)

so here's what i bought* in Manchester over the weekend, the last of my purchases until uniform time at work;
(skirt - Topshop, mesh bodysuit - Topshop, belt - vintage from Rokit)

when i told my mum about this skirt she said she was worried because 'leopard print' and 'highwaisted' apparently brings up images of something tacky. maybe its the 'tackiness' of this skirt that i love, i can just see it going perfectly with oversized grey t-shirts and vintages tees
(tee - Boutique, bodycon skirt - Topshop, necklace - Topshop)
i finally made the jump and bought this horses sleeveless tee from Boutique that i must have tried on a million times but never actually had to guts to buy it out of fear it wouldnt go with anything, but i was a fool... it goes perfectly with my Docs :)
some good reading for the train journey to Manchester
and a clutch/wallet from Urban Outfitters that was reduced to half price because of a small mark on the back. i've got many brilliant things with 'damage' to them, its an excellent way of grabbing a bargain if its something you can fix yourself!

now to get back to some work in the library ;)

* by 'bought' i really mean exchanged things i'd bought from Topshop but never worn! desperate times call for desperate measures 


ray said...

ahh i love leapord print.your skirt looks v coolxx

DaisyChain said...

I LOVE that skirt.

SJ said...

The mesh body suit is amazing and I am a little relieved to see that it is not actually see through as I originally thought having only seen it on the website.

Nita-Karoliina said...

great looking outfits girl!

Immpuls said...

Mmm looking good! I LOVE that horse tee! want it..

The Sardonic Salesgirl said...

I have a similar mesh bodysuit from AA which I love! How are you wearing yours without having everything show thru??

elisabeth said...

unfortunetly my hair is covering my modesty ^_^ i still havnt figured a way to wear it just as it is.hmmmmm.... thats one to think about!