Saturday, 9 August 2008

saturday evening

this evening has been spent doing some food shopping, watching some cheesy DVDs and drinking Bucks Fizz and Kopparberg, yum yum. i cant remember the last time i had a Saturday off, Topshop even rang and asked me to come in for the day but i politely told them i was busy :)

the weather definitely was reflected in my clothes - i wore all black with an oversized sheer tee, some ripped tights (done on my way to the shops) and some cosy red/brown leather ankle boots i got last year from Topshop.
now i am curled up on the sofa in a fleece jacket watching NCIS, bliss ^_^


Laura MW said...

I was just wondering - where did you get your little deer head from?
And your panda toy is so cute!
I love reading your blog, and have been for a little while now - I check everyday along with a few other of my favourites. Keep up the good work!


elisabeth said...

the deer head's actually a christmas decoration i got from paperchase - they tend to do versions every year :D
and thank you :) will try to do exactly that!lol

Liv/e in Both Senses said...

I really like your photos. The story it tells is fantastic. And that deer head is SO adorable! :) x

Anna Pope said...

I love your wall collage!!