Monday, 15 September 2008


the pictures are a bit blurry but it gives an idea of how much i am slipping back into my 'grunge' days when today i wore my boyfriend's old checked shirt (which i um borrowed!) and my very first pair of converse which i dug out from under my bed and which still have biro scribbles on them from a summer i spent at my childhood's friend church camp. i'd forgotten how much i loved these babies;
(shirt:Topman, t-shirt: Boutique by Topshop, studded belt: Topshop, converse)

then i spent the rest of the day drawing together my timetable for this year at university and making lots of lists. i love making lists, its quite sad but im sure if anyone is the same they'll agree; making lists makes you feel happy, like your achieving something!even if you dont follow them through. so due to my insane jealously of anyone going to Londons Fashion Week, i decided to make a list of things i want to do between now and this time next year.
so here it of my many lists made today;
  • go to Paris this November - finally get to a store that sells Velour clothing and maybe just maybe.... get my hands on that cat t-shirt
  • see the Kills in November
  • sell all those clothes i dont wear anymore on e-Bay!
  • write more letters to my mother
  • finally go to London Fashion Week next year
  • not work so many hours at Topshop - must remember to concentrate on my degree
  • buy a sewing machine and finally get to make all those designs i've been drawing up for years
  • get home for Christmas this - DO NOT spend it working in stoke
  • move down to a tiny little flat somewhere in London at the end of university
please tell me i am not alone in my love of list making?


steph. said...

no, i'm compulsive about it too!

ps i also have the antler fascination.

so happy to have stumbled upon your lovely blog :)

selinaoolala said...

i love lists too! i like books of lists way better than diaries, although when i make a list of things to take somewhere i always forget to look at it!

lottie said...

ooh no you are definitely not alone! I love making lists, and take great pleasure in crossing things off when I actually get round to doing them!


Liv/e in Both Senses said...

1. I love making lists. I rarely follow them, but I love making them. Nice to have something to look back on and see if you accomplished what you wanted to.

2. LOVEloveLOVE the belt! I swear, if I moved to England, I would be broke in about a week. *sigh* if only.

Anna Pope said...

That belt looks very fab.

Nice list!

Scarlett Winter said...

I make lists. So very many lists. Out of every say, 10 items, I'm guessing I accomplish about 5. Maybe I should start making lists in 5's instead?
And the fake tattoo - awesome idea. I decided to bring back the fake Tattoo also - around the time I bought 'The Ilustrated Librarian' book of temporary Tattoos. I've worn a new one every week for about a month now.
Wow they make me happy.
And lovely blog btw :)

Nita-Karoliina said...

as blurry as it is, looks nice!

Hushy said...

Love the shirt! I just invested in a massive checked shirt for days when I'm feeling grungy...which is all the time then! oh and the model in question is called Meghan Collison...and i did cave in and buy the cardie :P x

Miss Woo said...

I like making nerdy lists in terms of music and films etc, but I feel bad about doing to do lists, as it'll just remind me of how incompetent I am when I don't do them!

the tea drinking english rose said...

you not alone!
i'm obsessed too!!!