Friday, 12 September 2008

my mother is a magpie

so i promise this is the last bunch of photos i post in a sort of 'lazy' way, its strange to think i haven't blogged properly in over 2 weeks. but now I'm just getting settled back into student life, about to finish my 3rd and final year at university and eagerly awaiting the beginning of freshers week. so i promise i will start to get back into 'blogging' mode very soon :)
for now though, here is a few pictures of my little purchases made while back home in Ireland, i promise i didn't spend too much!
this little delicate necklace from Topshop, i seem to have a weakness for anything involving antlers...some Hello Kitty tattoos from Urban Outfitters, remember how cool we thought temporary tattoos were when we were little?i distinctly remember wearing a lot of teenage mutant turtles ones all over my arms!the boyfriend spoiled me with another childish object in the form of a Hello Kitty Pez, im ashamed to admit i never had these as a kid, my mother disapproved of their sugar content :(
i rarely same to buy clothing from Urban Outfitters these days (probably due to my Topshop discount) but i couldnt help myself when i saw this cable knit print skirt by Cheap Monday. it'll go just perfect with my oversized sheer Boutique tee's and at only £20 it was only the price of a decent night out at the pubs!i also had a few things to take back to Topshop and decided to do so while visiting the new flagship store in Belfast (which by the way is the most beautiful Topshop i have ever shopped in!) some high heeled boots from Topshop, these things are ridiculously comfortable and perfect for the up coming autumn/winter season
the second item i exchanged for was this brilliant slinky and sparkly dress/top which sort of reminded me of a toned down version of the beautiful dresses worn by the models at the end of Sonia Rykiel fall '08 show. its completely not my sort of thing but even my mum went 'wow' when i tried it own in the fitting room.
the last item i got in my exchange was this pretty nude prom dress by Boutique which is just simply beautiful when teamed with Doc Martins and strangely enough a cropped tee from AA thrown over the top - i promise i will post a picture of the outfit asap!

another item i brought over with me was my mothers old lace skirt she purchased in Oxford during the early 80's. I've always loved it and even lopped off the bottom of it to wear for Halloween when i dressed up as a zombie version of Alice in Wonderland. i figure with lace coming back into fashion i should keep it handy
ok, so this is the greatest vintage item i have purchase in my life so far!while in a great little vintage store 'Best Vintage' in Belfast, my mother pulled out this beautiful coat and suggested i try it on. I'm not the biggest fan of coats and probably have only ever loved one coat in my life (a brilliant dark green duffle coat when i was 6 if your wondering), yet when i tried this on i felt like i fell straight in love with it - its my clothing soal mate!its the perfect length to wear with skinnies or skirts and tights and its so so warm!and even better it only cost £35!!i know i would've had to pay at least double this if id found it in London.
my mothers brilliance didn't end there, 2 minutes later she pulled out a pretty little black velvet dress when fitted perfectly when i tried it on, again i just paid £15 for it.
i completely recommend Best Vintage if anyone's ever near Belfast, and maybe taking my mother with you, she's like a magpie in vintage stores. i wish i could go shopping with her all the time!


EMS said...

You where a busy bee
all your buys are gorgeous by the way

K.Line said...

Great haul!