Tuesday, 16 September 2008

some nylon and some beauties

i have thee greatest boyfriend ever......
after moaning about how much i missed London and how i was sick of university, he sent me up a lovely parcel containing a letter, some Pez refills and the latest issue of Nylon, hooray!thank you boyfriend ^_^

then spent of the day being useful (writing more lists!) and putting some stuff on eBay after i discovered i could not fit anymore hangers in my wardrobe,eek! the worrying thing is i still have a lot of clothes waiting for me up in London from this summer.oh dear.... oh well, i've put up a few little things including these little beauties;
you can see them all here :)


Fashion Fille said...

what a sweetie! great items.

Nita-Karoliina said...

love the middle one and the shoes. and what a cute bf!

SJ said...

packages in the post are the BEST! i hate the way email seems to have stopped people writing letters anymore :( it's not the same.

ok i'm going to check out your auctions now.

gem fatale said...

Aww that's a nice boyfriend!!
I like your blog, just added it to my blog list.
Have a fun weekend!