Sunday, 14 September 2008

back to the norm

today i began to get into the swing of living in Stoke-on-Trent again,weirdly enough i had the day off work yesterday (i rarely get Saturdays off) and spent the day catching up on those philosophy books i ordered and never got round to reading, tidying my wardrobe and discovering i have too little hangers to hang my growing volume of clothing....oh and then getting tipsy on Kopparberg, getting an eyelash in my eye (which REALLY hurt) and then deciding to cover my eye with many plasters. i would post the pictures but in my now sober state I'm rather embarrassed!

anyway, i decided to debut my Boutique dress today teaming it with a cropped tee by AA. i was so tempted to wear my new pretty vintage coat i mentained yesterday, but it was that horrid sort of dull yet sticky warm British day, so i had to go with my beloved battered leather jacket that i begged my mother to buy me when i was 17. the older it gets the better it seems to look!
(dress - Boutique by Topshop, tee - American Apparel, tights - M&S, coat - vintage, leather jacket - Freemans)

also been pining over the new Unique collection at Topshop and spent way to much time last night watching the Unique A/W '08 show over and over again. there's just too much i like!
in particular I've been 'hmming and haaing' over the black peter pan collar dress by Unique for £85. i usually wouldn't dare to even think about buying a dress that costs just under £100 but with my very useful Topshop staff discount, it worked out at just over £60. i worked out that's a pair of jeans and a top, or a very good drunk night out in Belfast.... so i thought what the heck, i'll order it!i don't own a pair of the sell out Unique trousers but I'm thinking i can maybe team the dress with a pair of glossy leggings from AA or some sheer black tights. will definitely have to accessorize with lots of necklaces to toughen the peter pan collar up.hoping i don't look too girlie in it?
will let you know when it arrives :)


selinaoolala said...

ooo i love these outfits! i've been contemplating the aa cropped tee but does the one size come up large or is it ok? and i'll bet you'll treasure that dress, it's lovely

Susan said...

really like your outfits and the Topshop collection is very lovely. Mmm Kopparberg...

elisabeth said...

selina - yeah it does come up a sort of large size but not TOO big, its suits having it that size so it doesnt look like a kiddies, looks really cute with shorts!i'd definately recommend getting it :)

Anna Pope said...

I loved the Topshop collection too, so many things I'd love to have!

Leather jackets always get better with age, it's a universally accepted fact!

FashionSqueah! said...

The AA cropped tee looks so awesome with that dress, just something about the "unisex" tee with the super girly dress and the grey and peach together! I love the leather jacket too and the vintage coat will be really great once it gets a bit colder, bet you can't wait! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes too, Char x