Monday, 29 September 2008

the wedding

so Raj (my best mate/housemate) and i got back from Birmingham late last night from her sister's wedding. today though we are paying for it as we're both wreaked with the flu and exhausted from the little sleep we had over the weekend. it was all worth it though and i can honestly say i had one of the best experiences ever!Asian weddings are just o much more exciting and joyful and i cant even begin to explain all the beautiful colours used or the amazing ceremonies filled with so many traditions. thank you to the Ragbotra family and congratulations to Amar and Dave for a wonderful weekend!
my mendi (its still on my hands and i hope it never leaves)
one of the beautiful suits i wore in the lead up to Sunday
Raj and the great baby Jai, miss him loads already
some of the amazing ceremonies before the wedding took place, Amar looked so beautiful
my sari i wore on the big day, it was a beautiful dark maroon and turquoise and surprisingly quite comfortable!i could have got used to wearing these!

now im going to get back to curling up on the sofa and a yummy cuppa soup ^_^


SJ said...

this looks amazing, the henna tattoo is beautiful...i imagine this much take so much preparation.

get well soon!

Anna Pope said...

Wow, that sari is beautiful!

Fashion Fille said...

very very beautiful- all of it! (except for being sick :()