Wednesday, 29 October 2008

five minutes

thank you KNIGHTCAT for posting great pictures, as usual :)

this picture of Erin Wasson and her amazing tattoos has made me fall in love with her even more!
what's your earliest fashion memory? i have bad memory. we're totally crushing on surf and skate fashion at Russh right now, why does it resonate with you? because i live the life - i surf and skate. has working along Alexander Wang had an influence on your own fashion projects? Alex has shown me that you can have fun and work hard at the same time. what is your secret to making a singlet and denim cut-offs look so damn good? cut-offs should be slightly high waisted and the top should be cut on the larger side. how would you sum up the spirit of your RVCA collection? beach meets the street. we hear you spent some time in Australia with the RVCA surf team? i was doing a shoot...what a bunch of characters! how would you describe your personal style? take it or leave it... why did you choose Terry Richardson to shoot the campaign? Terry's pics are always raw... and the collection is raw... raw dog bitch! describe a day in the life of Erin Wasson... wake up, coffee, cigarette, phone calls, emails, little sun, little play, sleep.

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agnes said...

Erin rules! everything about her is that chic and cool