Friday, 31 October 2008

halloween inspiration

i might as well be honest and say i love Halloween more than Christmas,it's true!

Halloween in my family meant decorating the house like mad, even decorating the car with pictures when we were little, eating my grandfather's amazing apple pie, trick or treating in a beautiful neighbourhood, fireworks in the back garden, trips to Armagh to the apple orchards, and to giant manor houses to listen to ghost stories and eat toffee apples with other children. so yes, in all my lifetime, it is the memories of Halloween that stand out the most!
however now im 20, and a student in England living with two housemates that do not enjoy Halloween, my bubble has been burst a little.

that however will not stop me from getting excited over dressing up tomorrow for the various houseparties and student night out, for my outfit i looked to Bram Stoker's Dracula for inspiration and various pictures i've collected;

my outfit so far;(all from Topshop)

add some dark red lipstick, pale foundation, crimped hair, fake puncture wounds on the neck and tears in the tights and voila... my outfit!
hope everyone else is dressing up for Halloween!:)

p.s. - i write this at half 3 in the morning because there is a massive houseparty two doors down, people drinking in the streets etc etc. the music is so loud my room is vibrating. i ring the local police, apparently they cant do anything..... well thats useful!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I do like your outfit: sounds like fun with the make up :D

Laura MW said...

Awesome! Yeah the makeup sounds like it will perfectly finish the outfit.

I'm dressing as a spider. I'm doing black leggings and a black jersey poloneck which I've sewn tight legs onto, with toy stuffing and then attached the ends of the legs to my arms so when I move my arms, all my arms and legs move!
Finished off with long long black earrings and sparkly silver makeup. Yay!


laurakinss said...

wow, that dress is beautiful! where is it from??? :) x

Hannah. said...

That dress is lovely.

Anna Pope said...

Your outfit sounds amazing :)

hrose said...

your inspiration collage is filled with lovely pics... if i had long hair i would most definitely be wearing it a la the olsen twins with a middle part and half up half down... your outfit sounds perfect, love the lace and the boots.

halloween is lots of fun, i hope you have a great one!

DaisyChain said...

I hope you had a great one!

Natalie said...

I love the outfit it would be perfect non-halloween too (minus the blood obvs)

Natalie said...
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