Thursday, 23 October 2008

just a quickie...

... before i head off to lectures!

guess where these little beauties are from????
yup, peacocks are pulling all the tricks out of the bag these days and have come up with these gorgeous boots, the price???£18 :)
already i have created several outfits in my head to wear these with!

p.s. - while having boots on the brain, has anyone seen Primark's 'version' of Doc Martens in shiny red and black?im quite horrified.....or am i just being snobbish?


Alice said...

I bought those peacock boots a couple of weeks back, my beady little eyes lit up when I saw them! Yep, they went straight on my blog too!
I also can't help but think of outfits for them, which means more shopping, obviously!

laurakinss said...

ohh i know what you mean about the primark ones - they look so cheap and awful!! might have to make a quick stop at peacocks though...!

Demi said...

love them boots! x

hrose said...

those boots are amazing.
i have been waiting all my life for boots like these.
why can i find none in australia?

superumi said...

hi, im from malaysia. i love the emma cook for topshop boot. is it still available? do reply here

please help =)

Natalie said...

where do people find these fabulous Peacocks items? When I go there I just find tat!!


ohhhh me rikey!!!!
alas, no peacocks in toronto yet
we don't even have topshop
tell these people to cross the ocean!

i wanna see your outfit posts with these boots

Miss Woo said...

Peacock do surprise me sometimes, those boots are hot!

DaisyChain said...

I have some boots from peacocks, not those ones,
but they are SO comfortable =)

SJ said...

thank you for the award honey what a lovely surprise to come home to!
I'm so sorry to hear about your gran. Just remember your memories will always be with you and i know she'll be looking down smiling on you just like mine does! x
Also...that feather headband in the few posts before look fierce on you. Love it! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE those boots! Gonna try and hunt them down ASAP.

The Primark boots also come in neon pink and bright yellow, too. I think they're alright - but one winter wonders, obviously.


selinaoolala said...

i got a student beans email with a discount and spotted these on the website too, veeery nice! i'm going in store after work to size up the quality and maybe look at every other pair of boots on the high street to fidn the ultimate pair! also have seen those primark docs, very very scary!

Anna Pope said...

I am getting a huge shoe-crush on those boots right now!

Anonymous said...

oh my god - bargin
i wish i had the emma cook numbers but they're sold out everywhere!
love the blog
check mine x

claire said...

thanks for enlightening me to these lovelies! peacocks is actually the only clothes shop in my hometown, its odd!

i have linked your blog as i laaarve it

young-shields x

kirsty lee said...

is it wrong for us to get these when we have the emma cooks already? hmmm....

Patricia said...

OMG!! i love them sooo much, and they are supercheap!!! but they don't ship to spain, f******ck!!!!

i'm frustrated, hahahha