Saturday, 25 October 2008

last night

i actually went out last night, for those that know me i used to be a right little social bunny last year, but third year in university does strange things to you and i have felt like a bit of a hermit the last few weeks. so in the next few weeks im going to make an effort to get out as much as possible, already i have been out twice this week,hooray!
last night i wore this;

(vintage Ralph Lauren shirt, laddered tights and Emma Cook boots)

now its off to work, with bruised knees and still covered in Hello Kitty tattoos. today shall be interesting being the first Saturday of the Topshop sales,
if you are in the Hanley area and decide to hit the sales, please please please pick up any clothes that you drop on the floor, it will make me very happy and mean i wont throw you evil looks!thanks :)


Rosie Posie said...

I will be in Hanley today (as i go to uni in stoke too!!!), and I would love to go to topshop, and I promise to pick up any clothes I drop on the floor :) I know how irritating that is!!!!

Love the outfit too by the way :) x

SICK. said...

i really like your blog.
and those peacock's boots are so marc jacobs, it's killing me ! i so wish i could buy them.

i'd actually never heard of peacock's before, being canadian and all, but the prices are really good and every once in a while i found something worth my while (especially boots & outerwear, the rest was kind of, blah).

stay in touch !

FashionSqueah! said...

I found the weird effect of third year too (I also study psychology!) but this year, fourth year, I've spent all my time partying and none in the library so it would seem that the party spirit returns in the final year...wait, do you have a fourth year? Scottish unis do! Good luck with the sale, I hit up the Edinburgh one and, yeah, it was a mess! Char x

elisabeth said...

thanks guys ^_^

yeah peacocks is a hit and miss really, its not the easiest store to shop in either but every once in a while you strike gold!

and char,yes i think the partying spirit is creeping up on me once again, lol. i am only doing 3 years, 4 years of psychology!!how do you manage!!